"I've always been inspired by the work of my great-grandmother .  I've studied her sculpture extensively and I admire the way she boldly incorporated African-American themes in her art at a time when it was not popular to do so.  

While I am influenced by her creative style, my work is more about my use and love of bold, bright colors.   Like her, I value my independence and freedom and I tend to create works of art that reflect the essence of what I see and feel in any given subject matter. 


Thanks for taking time to view the world through my eyes... Chrislan

About the Artist

Chrislan's inspiration for her colorful abstract paintings comes from her travels and her love of Modern art.  She has a particular fondness for the artists of the Harlem Renaissance (1918-1937) artistic period.  Her favorite is her great-grandmother, Meta Warrick Fuller (1877-1966) who was a sculptor that studied in Paris at the turn of the 20th century.  


As a child of an Air Force pilot and a social worker, Chrislan spent her formative years in Massachusetts, Missouri, California, Alabama, and Berlin, Germany.   Though she moved frequently, her family has always spent summers in Martha's Vineyard, MA.  Traveling to Martha's Vineyard each summer provided her with a stability and sense of family and "home" that was elusive given their transient lifestyle.  Her paintings often feature images of the sea, boats and beaches which are a reflection of her love of the beautiful island of Martha's Vineyard. 


Chrislan graduated from Framingham South High (now "the Fuller Middle School"-named after her great-grandparents) and she received a B.S. from Howard University. She also has a masters degree from the University of Michigan' School of Public Health and she studied Art Management at the SUNY Buffalo.    She currently resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her husband, Warde and two children (Emma and Evan).


Chrislan's artistic voice has been described as "independent and eclectic with an eagerness to explore unconventional artistic compositions and forms".  Each of her paintings is very unique with its own tone and emotion.